Westshore Beach Erosion


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Westshore Beach has about 900m of aggressive erosion which should be addressed by hard engineering protection if saving- land is the objective. There is about 2,000m of progressive-erosion which could be adequately protected by increased volumes of nourishment material. The most affordable option is to strengthen existing rock protection at the southern end which is an acceptable solution according to Beca Consultants. Then, build a “Rip Rap” seawall approx 1m lower than the crest of the current embankment and on the same alignment to say 100m beyond the Surf Club. The logistics of placing and retaining nourishment from James Street would justify sacrificing the beach for say 400m and limit the solution to a rock seawall with minimal beach. From about Knott Street nourishment would be placed in front of the seawall and several sand retaining groynes would be built to cater for swimmers who can park close and the Surf Club to continue in business. Marrying in the end of the seawall with the continuation of nourishment would need to be well designed and dependent on a good reserve of nourishment. From just past the Surf Club to the end of The Esplanade the beach would be adequately served by the current volumes of imported nourishment.   

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